These Guys Now Officially Know How Much It Sucks to Get a Bikini Wax

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We all know how much it hurts to get a bikini wax. But guys? They just see the result and think the whole thing is awesome. Yeah, not so much. We bet this is the last time these guys will EVER question their girlfriends' grooming regimen. In fact, they might even encourage them NOT to get bikini waxes after this experience.

In this awesome (not for the guys!) BuzzFeed video, girls gave their boyfriends bikini waxes to show them how it really feels. Because we can describe the pain until we're blue in the face - it's impossible to truly grasp what it feels like to have a chunk of hair ripped from the skin of your most intimate area with one excruciatingly painful swipe.

While words don't necessarily do it any justice, this guy's face is the next best thing:

"I think it's necessary for guys to realize what we go through for grooming purposes," says one girl, whose boyfriend is getting increasingly nervous as the time draws near. Another girl says that she wants to do it because her boyfriend likes it so much when she gets waxed, she wants to see exactly what she goes through to achieve that look.

Of course, they absolutely hated the experience - which one guy compared to an exorcism. But, when all was said and done, the guys had A LOT more respect for the pain we endure simply for the sake of beauty.


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