Here's Why Burger King's Black Whopper Will Turn Your Poop Green

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If you've tried the black-bunned Whopper Burger King launched for Halloween, you probably noticed an interesting effect afterwards: neon green poop (!).

According to a ton of people who feasted on the burger, their poop was bright green when they went to the bathroom after eating it, according to USA Today. So, what's the deal? It turns out the burger – which is tinted with A.1. Steak Sauce is having that effect because of the dye in it.

"To make poop turn that color green, it would require far more dye than is in the typical type of A.1.," naturopathic doctor and certified nutrition counselor Pamela Reilly told the site. "My guess is that they're using a concentrated form." Thankfully, Pamela said the color of the poop is nothing to worry about, and that other dyes, like the ones in frosting, can deliver the same effect.

It can also happen if you eat "mass quantities" of bright foods (leafy greens or beets, for example) or if any type of food passes through your colon too quickly.

Whether you eat the burger or not though, someone just created an epic way to have some fun with it. Following all of the tweets about the green poop effect, turned it into a costume. Now, couples (or friends) can dress up as the Black Whopper and green poop for Halloween (seriously). And if you have a third friend in tow, there's also a Burger King costume that can be paired with it.You'll basically win every Halloween costume contest in life if you have those on, and you can make it yourself. The site posted a DIY tutorial on how to create green poop and Whooper costumes by adding in some details to their 'tough s#it' and cheeseburger costumes (you can buy the King costume for $45 or $65) like coloring the bun black with a marker.

Happy Halloween indeed.


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