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How to Find Karlie Kloss on Your College Campus

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It's no secret that Karlie Kloss ditched her wings for books and library study sessions this past fall. Studying at New York University, she even posted a typical "first day of classes" pic on the main campus. It's crazy that I, slightly resembling a sleepy potato, am going to the same school as a supermodel. Usually, it's a miracle that I even make it to class, nonetheless have proper clothes on or a drop of makeup smudged on my face.

But this got me thinking. Is Karlie the only Karlie Kloss at NYU? With New York City as our campus, there's got to be others. So, I went on a hunt for my own personal Karlie Kloss.
It was Friday morning, approaching noon. I got done with my Spanish class at Tisch Hall and ventured into SoHo with two of my good friends, Cece and Amanda. Brunching at Jack's Wife Freda, we enjoyed coffee, eggs and those cute little sugar packets. I ordered eggs with two fresh slices of tomato and lots and lots of coffee. Ending a stressful week of classes and interning can only be done with the helping hand of caffeine. Also, a little help from good friends never hurt anyone. Cece and Amanda both are journalism majors like me, so I know I can always talk to them about anything and everything.

After we were done, we walked past a yellow painted wall with a crazy, colorful mural on the door. I ended up having my professional camera with me, and the light bulb went off in my head. This is my Karlie moment. My victim? Amanda.

Amanda was clad in a tank top dress, booties and a belt that cinched in at the waist. Even though fall is approaching, the humidity was still off the charts, and the sun beaming. I flipped the lens cap off my camera and bent down to get a good angle. After a few snaps, I started directing Amanda to flip her Kate Spade bag this way and that way. Pop her leg up and to the side. Then she got the idea to start jumping from nearby objects to do the perfect "Karlie Kloss," and I think we nailed it.

The formula for creating your own Karlie Kloss is as follows: Friday brunching, weekend vibes and colorful SoHo backdrops.
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