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Tumblr's Latest Feud Is All About a Certain Halloween Candy

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It's Tumblr's favorite time of year: Halloween. With Halloween comes a new seasonal meme; last year's was The Skeleton War. It's still continued this year, but there is a new war being fought, too. No Tumblr user can escape war this time of year.

The Candy Corn War is the meme of October. Tumblr users are fighting over whether candy corn is delicious or not. It is totally delicious though. However, it is an acquired taste since it is very sweet. Why does this candy get so much hate? People either really love candy corn or really dislike it.

Every October people always end up arguing about candy corn. Everyone loves to share their opinions on the confectionery. Most people even seem offended when you do not have the same view on the snack as them. Yet, someone created a blog for people who are indifferent/neutral in the war, so there are some out there that do not feel the need to pick a side.

This meme is more serious than the last. The Skeleton War was all in good fun. This new war is tearing Tumblr users apart. Every time I log on, I see fighting on my dash between the Anti-Candy-Corns and the Pro-Candy-Corns. It is all just a matter of opinion. The Candy-Corn-Neutrals are right, we should not be arguing over a snack. Instead, we should be excited that Halloween is almost here. #StopTheCandyCornWar2k15

No matter if you love or hate candy corn, #youdoyou.
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