7 Brow-Raising Things About Jaden Smith's Bae Sarah Snyder

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To anyone who's been totally crushing on Jaden Smith, allow us to extend our sincere apologies because the actor officially has a new bae in Sarah Snyder. Since they reportedly began dating in June, we've spotted the pair boo'd up in the front row at New York Fashion Week as well as on the city streets. As far as we can tell, Sarah appears to be a bit of a bada** with a serious IDGAF attitude.

While we try to come up with a nickname for the couple (Saden, Jarah?), here are seven brow-raising tidbits of bae-formation you need to know about Jaden's new girl.

She's older than Jaden.

At the ripe old age of 19, Sarah is two years Jaden's senior.

She's a model.

According to Hollywood Life, Sarah is a model, which totally explains why her Instagram page is filled with mag-worthy shots.

She's not afraid of a little PDA.


A photo posted by @sarahfuckingsnyder on

Judging by Jaden and Sarah's hot and steamy makeout sesh in New York this summer, she's not too shy to show everyone that what she and her new boyfriend have is definitely real.

Sarah is bold AF.

56 nights

A photo posted by @sarahfuckingsnyder on

Instead of deleting all social media profiles and avoiding the rumor mill, Sarah seemingly thumbed her nose at the larceny allegations by sporting a T-shirt with that bore her mugshot.

Speaking of tees, her T-shirt game is on fleek...


A photo posted by @sarahfuckingsnyder on

...and seemingly reflects how #unbothered she is.

She may have dated model Ian Connor.

Back in June, it appeared that Ian put Sarah on blast on Twitter with a rude AF message that thanked Jaden for wifing her up.

She's been arrested twice.

Whoa — we know that Jaden is a bit of a rebel himself, but his new GF apparently took it a step too far in June when authorities charged her with grand larceny after alleging that she stole a 16,000 Hermès handbag. Back in 2013, Sarah also wound up behind bars in North Carolina and was charged with breaking and entering, larceny and conspiracy.

No shade, but are we the only ones wondering what the Smiths think about Jaden's new boo?
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