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Shop These 10 Brands and Give Back Simultaneously

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Giving back is always in style! Say goodbye to feeling guilty after spending a paycheck or two...or three. We've forgotten just how easy it is to give back to our world. These affordable brands are right at our fingertips!

Ivory Ella
Ivory Ella was started by a group of young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Their mission is to raise money and awareness for Save The Elephants. The brand offers "good clothes for a good cause" with its signature elephant logo in various colors. Oversized long sleeves, tank tops and even a line of accessories, you can always find something for you. The Ivory Ella team has donated $165,000 to Save The Elephants and continues to grow everyday.

Little Words Project
Loom bands are so last year! Started by a group of sorority girls, the Little Words Project carries the motto of "a new kind of friendship bracelet" and aims to empower women all around the world. The simple yet classic little beaded bracelets feature a word of your choosing. Customers can build their own bracelets using words that inspires them. You can choose to keep this bracelet or pass it on to somebody who needs a little inspiration, motivation or just a smile. It is then put together with fine-cut crystals and shipped off! Once received, you can resister the little number on the gold tag to track wherever your bracelet travels, from wrist to wrist, changing the world one little word at a time.

Taaluma Totes

Taaluma Totes, "backpacks that carry a country," are made from traditional fabrics from countries all around the world. Travelers find the "craziest cotton and wackiest wool" to create a unique backpack that also gives back. Each tote is made in the United States by adults with disabilities. This brand is giving opportunities to those who otherwise would not be able to find a job that accommodates their needs. Twenty percent of the profits are given back to the country from which the fabric came. Some of the featured countries are Guatemala, Indonesia and Mali. The creators of Taaluma Totes were even featured on Shark Tank!

Headbands of Hope
Headbands of Hope is a charity that brightens the day of a child with cancer. Buy a headband and another is given to a pediatric cancer patient. Since 2012, Headbands of Hope has donated to every children's hospital in the United States. There are headbands available for purchase for children and adults of all ages. Once a child is given a headband, his/her picture is taken and posted in the giving gallery. You can see first hand how your purchase put a smile on someone's face.

In 2011, four likeminded people founded Sevenly; their goal was to inspire us to become more generous on a weekly basis. Sevenly creates seven-day cause campaigns, in which customers can purchase products that give $7 to a charity. This is all part of the "cause art" movement, which has gained traction worldwide. The shop has women and men's apparel as well as accessories. One of its campaigns is Girls On The Run, which aims to combat depression in young women. The company aims to raise money to fund after school programs where girls can build strong values, create healthy friendships and practice healthy habits. Girls On The Run hopes to help girls be their happiest and healthiest selves! Sevenly has already raised $4,441,171 for various causes.

FEED was founded by Lauren Bush in 2007 after she traveled the world, witnessing the effects of hunger. She noticed that most children only got a meal when they went to school; otherwise, they were left with an empty belly. She wanted to create simple products that would allow people to fight against world hunger in a tangible way. Every tote has a number stamped on it representing the amount of meals provided with that purchase.

Too Apparel

Too Apparel was started by a married couple who wanted to honor one of their best friends who lost a battle with addiction. When the couple searched online for ways to donate to homeless shelters and sober houses (places where drug addicts would be), they found that underwear was the No. 1 item for suggested donations. Being inspired by TOMS, they decided to use the suggestion and create a brand of women's underwear that donated a pair to domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, and women's addiction recovery centers for every pair bought. The female-designed undies have no rubber waistband and are 100 percent cotton for comfort all day long.

Through its Our World Program, Woodzee lets customers make an environmental or social contribution at checkout. For every pair of sunglasses sold, part of its profits go to organizations that plant trees, save animals and support people on every continent. Customers may choose the organization they wish to have their contribution be donated to. Woodzee encourages people to learn about the organizations and causes beyond their purchase. Woodzee also supports students beyond high school classrooms by offering scholarships to help the endeavor toward a higher education.

Raven & Lily
Raven & Lily is an ethical and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. It employs over 1,500 women to help them have a safe job, income, healthcare and education, but most importantly, a chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Raven & Lily products are made by hand and are eco-friendly. The brand follows fair trade standards and currently has female workers in India, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya and even the United States!

Project 7

Project 7 is a gum and mint brand that specializes in bringing flavor into your day, while at the same time, giving back to seven areas of need. Those areas are earth, homeless, hunger, thirst, health, education and hope for peace. Project 7 was founded by Tyler Merrick in 2008, an entrepreneur who found himself at a crossroad early in his career. He wanted to help people through his business and be an example for change in culture. Project 7 sells some crazy and delicious sounding flavors of gum - like caramel apple, wedding cake and snow-cone. After a purchase is made, profits are donated to places that need help with those seven everyday needs.

Style it forward; enjoy some feel good shopping!
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