Lucky Charms With Just the Marshmallows Are Now a Real Thing

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Have you ever poured a bowl of Lucky Charms, and then picked out several more marshmallows out the box to top off your cereal? You're not alone.

General Mills is finally making Lucky Charms marshmallow lovers' dreams come true by releasing a marshmallow only box of Lucky Charms.

The only catch is that there are only 10 boxes available...and you have to win one to get it. As for how you can win a box, you simply have to share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 14 and 18 using #Lucky10Sweepstakes.

"We wanted to have a little fun and connect with our fans. It needed to be easy and accessible for everyone to have a chance to win and celebrate what makes us, us – the marshmallows," Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager of Lucky Charms said on the General Mills blog.
We're just going to cross our fingers that this Marshmallow-only box of Lucky Charms isn't just a one-time thing. In the meantime though, excuse us while we go post 1,000 photos for the contest. That box is life.

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