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Olivia Pope: The Train Wreck We Need on Television

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Kerry Washington makes it no secret that she doesn't understand our obsession and idolization of the Olivia Pope character we see on our screens every Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.

She states the following in an article from the L.A. Times:

"I've always thought it was really misguided when women tell me that Olivia is their role model, because she's having an affair with a married man who is president of the United States. And a murderer. And they stole an election together. Well, she stole it for him."

I was honestly a little sad when she said that. Olivia Pope represents a great deal of negative stereotypes women are battling, but she also represents the power that women have been trying to harness and use for decades. The character that she portrays is an absolute necessity for my well-being and many other women. She shows us strength, courage, what equality can look like and the never-say-die attitude that we have needed for years. Whether it's all realistic or not, we NEED her like pumpkin everything in the fall.

We needed her when she proclaimed to Fitz, the leader of the free world, at the top of her lungs that he wasn't going to own her anymore.
We needed her when she told the truth about race in America and every fear a woman has when she enters a relationship with someone of another race.

We needed her every time she was rough on her gladiators.

We needed her when she determined that she was going to stop everything and for once choose herself.

We needed her when she put her father in jail. (He was very unhappy.)

We needed her every single time she fought for injustice and went with her gut.

That's a boss lady for sure, and every time someone tries to tell me that I'm too strong, too passionate, too emotional or too focused I'll just simply tell them......


Too. Pope. To. Care.
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