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8 Things my College Professors Do That Deserve a Failing Grade

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Canceling Class and Not Sending an EmailMaking it a priority to get to class only to find a sign on the door saying, "Professor so and so has canceled class today"? If I'm required to send you an email whenever I am absent, so it can be "excused," where's yours? Alright, that's fine. I not only woke up early to get here and park my car, but I also don't have another class for two hours. #CommuterLife

Red Pen Abuser You ask students to type their homework and assignments because our handwriting could be sloppy. But, you aren't asked to type your comments and corrections? Our precious paper's get handed back to us with red tribal marking: minus 10, minus 5, chicken scratch corrections. All we ask is that you write legibly and clearly. Otherwise, it's heading to the trash.

Last Minute Test Announcement It should be illegal to give students a review sheet two days before an exam and expect them to go home and study it. Hello, I'm taking four other classes.

Off-Topic Babbler That professor who thinks it is necessary to share something about his/her life at the beginning of every class - guess what? We don't care.

Those Professors Who Require the Most Updated Version of a Textbook

Forget about your summer job savings, it's book season.


You're the newbie in the class, and all your classmates have had this professor before.

Test Watcher ​Standing over students while they take an exam is terrifying. We know you're mentally grading our choices as we go one-by-one.

Speedy PowerPoint Lecture "Can you explain that please?"


"Can you go back for a second."

"It's in the textbook. Give it a read."

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