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3 Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep

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Sleep is very important, but it seems that nowadays we are getting less and less of it. Don't we all want to sleep like when we were babies again? Our bodies need to rest to be able to rock the next day. Here are three tips to help with a sweet slumber every night.

Avoid Caffeine in the AfternoonI know, I know! Everyone loves their coffee, but get your daily dose in morning and replace it later in the day with other drinks like tea or juice. Coffee is a stimulant, which may linger in your system and prevent you from sleeping.

Unplug About an Hour Before
Now more than ever, we are attached to our electronics and feel the need to catch up before going to bed. I know because I'm guilty of this, especially since I'm busy during the day and I don't have time to check my social. But for your body to completely relax and decompress, it needs to know that the day is over. By checking e-mail, social media or watching TV, your brain is actually stimulated, even though you may not think so. An hour or so before bed, opt to do something more relaxing like reading while sipping on some herbal tea, meditating or taking a hot bath to help slow down the brain and get ready for bed.

Plan for the Next Day
Sometimes, all you need is to plan out the day ahead. The stress and worries of what you have to do might keep you up. Write a list of the things you have to accomplish the next day, so you know that there's nothing you will forget, and you'll feel more relaxed instead of stressed out about forgetting something you have to do tomorrow.

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