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8 Quotes We Forgot to Thank 'One Tree Hill' Character Brooke Davis for

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Every time, I was able to dive into the fictional town that was Tree Hill, N.C., I was almost always able to take something away from the woman, the myth, the legend that is Brooke Davis. Brooke Davis while sometimes insecure and unsure from youth, and even into emerging adulthood, was GOALS from top to bottom. I may have not even continued to watch One Tree Hill without her.

1. "Go Brooke yourself."
Maybe Peyton coined this phrase, but in doing so she established the Brooke character as a girl with so much power over the people around her.

2. "He's on the door, Peyton! He's on the damn door under me!"

Some friends have been through sharing a guy. Some have been able to walk away without incident and move forward, but I will always adore Brooke for confronting her friend about pursuing the ex-boyfriend she was in love with. No man is ever worth the person who stood behind you in everything.

3. "I wanted you to fight for me!"
Lucas, also known as one of the densest men on the planet for six seasons of television, could not focus on fighting for Brooke.

4. "I'd rather feel nothing; it's better. It's easier."
The honesty. How many times have we all ever wanted to quit feeling? Everything we feel inside us can be overwhelming, but it can also give us power. Brooke learned to bounce back by harnessing that energy and channeling it help herself.

5. "I am who I am, no excuses."
The reality check we need sometimes comes far too late. We don't own our mistakes, problems or story. We choose to be negative and blame other circumstances for our issues, but the truth is we need to simply start owning who we are. It's the only way to accept anything head on.

6. "Brainstorm better. Anorexia is a disease. It is not a fashion statement."
Brooke was all about everyone owning the person he/she is. That changing or compromising who you are or the person you become can be extremely detrimental to the care of yourself.

7. "Girls just want someone who wants them back, at least that's what I want."
It really can be just that simple. The things we need are so simple, and if the person you love can't love you back, then leave them. That's his/her problem.

8. "You know when I was a freshman, I wasn't a very good person. I mean, sure, I was popular and dated seniors, but as a person, I was pretty lost. And over the last four years I've been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me, and I started believing in myself and in my potential, and I ran for student council president. And I designed a clothing line and somewhere along the way, the lost little party girl became the girl on the wall of honor."

We are always capable of growth. It may look and feel ugly sometimes, but Brooke showed us that you are not going to be defined by other people. You are the only person on the planet that is going to define you.

We love you, B. Davis.
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