Harry Styles Dishes on What One Direction's 'Perfect' Is About

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While we're all speculating who One Direction's new song "Perfect" is about (*cough* Taylor Swift), let's hear from the guys directly for their take on the lyrics.

Louis Tomlinson previously gave a little scoop on what "Perfect" is about, but now both Louis and Harry Styles, who co-wrote the song, weigh in with their thoughts.

In a new interview with Smallzy's Surgery show on Nova 96.9FM radio, Harry confirmed that it's "for sure a love song," adding, "but it's quite a spontaneous love song."

Louis explained, "You always write about your own experiences and that's where the inspiration comes from, no matter how loose that might be."

Then Harry launched into the most confusing answer of all time, explaining, "It doesn't always have to be an exact story, but I don't think you necessarily change the story." He also pointed to all the rumors, saying, "People take songs and three different people can think that it means three completely different things, so to be honest it translates to whoever just based on...what they take from it.

Harry further explained, "It's not one about thinking through too much, being like, 'Hey, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.' It's like well, you know, 'This could be fun.'"

Don't you dare think for a minute he's going to own up to it being about an ex-girlfriend, but that does sound a little like what he and Tay had going on.

We know, we know...but there are so many lyrical clues that it's Taylor-related, it's unbelievable.
C'mon, references to "midnight" drives and that line: "If you're looking for someone to write your break up songs about/ Baby I'm perfect" kind of scream shade, right?

Fans have also noticed how much "Perfect" sounds like Taylor's "Style," with someone even making this mashup. Oh yeah, there's no denying this Haylor related.

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