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6 Instagrammers With Celebrity Doppelgängers

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Getting 50 likes on your picture may be enough to make you feel "Instagram famous," but for these grammers, feeling famous is nothing out of the ordinary. They receive thousands of likes and comments daily, and some have even been mistaken for their celebrity twin.

Jessica Villafane, aka JBunzie

dressed but too sleepy to impress 😆 got some mc biz to do today. #work #mileystyle

A photo posted by 🐰Jessica Vill🐰 (@jbunzie) on

Nobody can outdo Miley Cyrus, but Jessica comes pretty close. The Florida-based, makeup artist got her Internet stardom when she landed an impersonator gig and took on the roll as "Miley's official look-a-like." Miley even spotted Jessica in the audience of her Bangerz Tour and directed the spotlight toward her seat and said with a chuckle, "You look like the doll version of me!"

Jessica traveled to multiple stops on the Bangerz Tour and entertained fans outside the venue. Since then, she has been transforming into Disney princesses, Ariel being her favorite. Check out her YouTube channel to get all of her shapeshifting secrets!

Gabriella Demartino, aka GabCake
Demar Dolls know that Gabi Demartino is a spitting image of Ariana Grande. She rocks Ariana's signature makeup and wardrobe. Gabi gets her inspiration from vintage, girly, antique accessory shops. Recently she has taken on the Chanel No. 2 vibe from Scream Queens, also Ariana-inspired. Gabi has a twin sister with whom she does YouTube, and they just so happen to have the same manager as Frankie Grande!

Marika Szcepek, aka BabyImASiren

#bangbang #powpow ❤️🔫👸🏻 #queenofhearts #angelinajolie #lookalike #tombraider #laracroft

A photo posted by M A R I K A S Z C E P E K (@babyimasiren) on

If your #WomanCrushWednesday is Angelina Jolie, you might accidentally be posting a picture of Polish singer Marika Szcepek. Although she is not an actress, Marika is full of her own talent. She been singing since she was 13 years old and is known for her roles in famous operas and even performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Olivia Herdt, aka Olivia_Herdt

Omg we are 61,8k Love you guys💖💕 Thank you👋🏻😍 #goodmorning Have a nice day!

A photo posted by Oli (@olivia_herdt) on

Cara Delevingne has a bushy-browed Uruguayan twin. Fourteen year old Olivia Herdt gained over 7,000 followers after being spotted on Instagram one night and tagged as Cara! Olivia is a music-loving model whose career took off after the online recognition. Since then, she has accumulated her own fandom of 61,000 followers.

Madison Perrin, aka Madison_perrin
Have no fear! When One Direction goes on hiatus, you can fangirl over Madison Perrin. Madison entered the 2014 Video Music Awards look-a-like photo contest in attempt to win a trip to the big night. Using Harry Styles as his muse, Madison landed No. 18 in the contest among thousands of other submissions. He also scored over 20,000 dedicated female followers.

Alanis Stormy, aka alanisstormy

Daddy t-shirts af 🌙🌊

A photo posted by A L A N İ S ☁️ (@alanisstormy) on

Alanis won't be doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge anytime soon. The Instagram beauty spends her time drawing pictures of her followers and other animated inspired sketches. Her page is fairly new, but her striking resemblance to the Kylie has attracted 15,000 followers in a matter of just a few weeks.

Barney Moreno, aka Drizzieboimoreno

Nigga We made it! Aha didn't know I had this pic! #grad2015#lmc#almostthere#onemorestep

A photo posted by Barney Moreno (@drizzieboimoreno) on

Normal college graduate Barney Moreno was contacted by Zig Zag Productions about a possible gig with MTV. Being hopeful, he submitted some footage imitating rapper Drake and decided to share it on YouTube. Barney's video brought him a couple thousand views and 12,000 Instagram admirers.
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