4 Easy, DIY Hacks That Transform Your Old Makeup Into Cosmetic Gold

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It's always a sad day when you look inside the tube of your favorite concealer or your to-die-for mascara and realize it's time for old faithful to retire. From dried-out, gel eyeliner to crushed-up bits of eye shadow, it may seem like your precious product is destined for the trash. That is, unless you're ready to get DIY savvy. Old products don't have to be put in the makeup graveyard if you know what to do with them. There are plenty of ways to revive your cosmetics before they truly go off to the great beyond.

1. Take Your Old, Broken Eye Shadow and Make a Funky, New Nail Polish
beautyIf you've accidentally crushed up your favorite palette, or your token shimmery shade is almost gone, fear not! You can put it on your nails instead.
nail polishHow do you start this mystical transformation? First things first, you will need a bottle of clear nail polish, your old eye shadow, tweezers and some nail polish remover. Take the tweezers and break up your eye shadow until it becomes a fine powder. Then, use the tweezers to take out the product, and put it in the clear nail polish bottle. At first, the powder may rest at the top, but if you give it time it will sink to the bottom. When you're satisfied with the shade, shake the bottle until the eye shadow is evenly distributed. Then, voila, you have a new bottle of nail polish!

Tip: Rest the brush of the clear nail polish in a bit of nail polish remover to keep it moist while you're working, and remove any access product.

2. Take Old Lipstick Stubs and Mix Them for a New Shade
Lipstick bulletsDown to the very last of your best lipsticks? Try melting them together for a whole new product.

To do this, take out the nubs at the bottom of your lipstick tube with a small knife, and scoop them onto a spoon. Then, over low heat, melt the contents together and blend them as you go. If you don't want to use the stove, the microwave is always an option too, just be cautious of how long you keep the lipstick in! Finally, when the product is melted and mixed, pour the contents into a small plastic tub and place in the fridge to harden. When it's finally ready, you now have a new color to smack on your pout for no extra cost!

Tip: Experiment with what shade you want by adding less or more of one lipstick to the other before melting them down.

3. Turn Old Powder Into a Tinted Moisturizer
professional brush and foundationIf you're running out of your powder foundation or your pressed powder compact is crushed and unusable, try making yourself a tinted moisturizer.

The best way to do this is to take a facial moisturizer you use and pour some of the contents into an empty, travel-sized cosmetics bottle (you can find them at pretty much any drugstore). Alternate pouring into the bottle with pouring in old powder to make it easier to mix later. Finally, shake the contents and stir after to evenly distribute the powder.

Tip: Experiment with the color while you are mixing the contents to make sure it matches your skin tone. If you put too much moisturizer and not enough powder, the cream will be too light; put little moisturizer much and it'll be too dark. Test it out until you get the perfect shade.

4. Go From Fierce Lashes to Brows on Fleek
false eyelashesThis one is pretty simple but a good idea nonetheless. If you have a dried-up tube of mascara, don't throw away the wand! Clean the wand carefully with water and a little bit of soap and use it again later as an eyebrow brush with your favorite brow gel.

Tip: If you're not ready to get rid of your favorite tube of mascara, try submerging the tube (closed) in warm water to make the product less dry. Be careful though: If you've had the product for a while, it may be time to retire your mascara anyway because old mascara carries a lot of bacteria.


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