These Fashion Bloggers Are Revealing Their Secrets for Having a Killer Insta Feed

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When it comes to being stylish social media mavens, we'll admit that there's probably no platform we love more than Instagram - after all, what better way is there to quickly share your style with others and get #ootd inspo? If your fave fashion blogger's feed has ever given you major Insta-envy, you're definitely not alone - which is why we talked to two 'gramming pros for the inside scoop on how to achieve a perfect feed!

1. Find a favorite filter and run with it

"I'm obsessed with VSCOcam. The filters are rich and beautiful and make your photos look much more appealing. My favorite filter on there HB1," says Cortne Morgan (@cortnemorgan), the Georgia-based founder of the blog We're Not Exclusive.

Michaela Del Viscovo (@_michaelachristine), blogger of By Michaela Christine, agrees with Cortne about picking a favorite child when it comes to filters. "A6 all the way!"

In order to get a cohesive feed and hone your aesthetic, picking a go-to filter or combination of layered filters can help to create your signature look. Try playing around with different filters on apps like VSCOcam and Afterlight, which can provide a unique alternative to the filters made by Instagram.

2. Don't just slap a filter on

"A little trick I use on FaceTune is the teeth whitening tool to whiten any backgrounds that, in my opinion, need to be whitened in order to go with my feed more! I've been using the built-in tools on Instagram a lot; mainly lux and brightness," says Michaela.

While filters are great, they shouldn't be the only adjustments you're making to your photos before they hit the 'gram! Playing around with brightness, contrast and saturation using an app like Snapseed before you add a filter can make all the difference between an okay photo and a killer shot.

3. A well-rounded feed is key

A photo posted by By Cortne M (@cortnemorgan) on

"Lately, I've been loving taking detail shots - instead of the full outfit, just a standout part. Fringe on jeans, patterns on tops, a bit of an accessory peek. That, and food of course!" says Cortne.

Even if Insta-worthy outfits are the main attraction when it comes to your feed, mixing in other shots of things like your to-die-for brunch from last weekend, details on your favorite accessory or cool architecture around your city can keep your feed fresh and save it from being repetitive!

4. Being picky is totally okay

"I am definitely guilty of trying to keep a theme within my feed. Right now, my theme is mostly blacks, whites and greys. I maintain it by being very picky with the pictures I upload. It's all about having an eye for what will blend in with your feed when taking pictures," says Michaela.

If you're trying to keep a certain theme or aesthetic within your Instagram feed, it's totally okay to be picky with what you post! While a shot may be amazing, go with your gut if you feel like it may not match the rest of your photos.

5. For #ootds, it's all in the details

A photo posted by By Cortne M (@cortnemorgan) on

When asked about her secrets for taking the perfect #ootd shot, Cortne says, "a nice background without too much clutter and a fantastic outfit that shows dimension, with layers and accessories. Also, make sure whoever is taking a photo of you has the sun behind them."

The takeaway? For the perfect outfit of the day shot, paying attention to the little things is necessary. Make sure to experiment with different lighting, angles, backgrounds and details in your outfit - it's the the little things come together to make a fab photo!

6. More is more

"Whenever I have someone take my OOTD photo, I always have them take literally a hundred photos and furiously click away at the camera button so I have plenty of options to choose from," Michaela says.

We'll let you in on a little secret: most of your favorite bloggers aren't just taking one photo and getting the perfect shot on the first try. When you take a bunch at a time, you'll have options when you go to edit them later? Accidentally closed your eyes in one of the photos? If you take tons, it won't be an issue!

7. Enlist your BFF

"Have a close friend, sibling or relative take your picture because you'll feel a lot more comfortable around them and won't hold back when posing," Michaela says.

Anyone who's taken an #ootd shot before knows that asking someone to take your picture can feel a little awk - which means enlisting a close friend or sibling means your end shot will be as natural and genuine as possible.


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