What Is 'Extreme Phone Pinching' and Why Are People Doing It?

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If you've ever dropped your phone, you know it can be a fairly traumatizing experience. If you happen to get extremely lucky, it might survive the fall with just a few scratches. If you're one of the unlucky ones, you find yourself rocking the cracked phone screen, which as a result of the unfortunate phone-dropping epidemic, has basically become a new 'trend.'

Now, let's take it to the next level: The falls your phone absolutely, positively would NOT survive. Falling into a body of water, for example. Or being dropped off of a cliff, or from a hot air balloon. The kind of tragedies that would make you WISH for just a cracked screen.

Those are the scenarios people are testing fate with, as part of the new #ExtremePhonePinching social media trend. Basically, you pinch your phone in between your index finger and thumb and you dangle it above something that would absolutely destroy it if you lost your grip. Then, you have someone take a picture of you doing that and hopefully you still have a phone left when you go to share it on social media.

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As for why people are doing it? We really have no idea (in fact, we highly recommend NOT doing it). Basically, as Cosmopolitan perfectly put it: This is why we shouldn't have nice things.
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