#GirlBoss: Teen Becomes the World's Youngest Psychologist

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Imagine spilling all your #grownupproblems to a teenager. If your mind is suddenly bombarded with images of loud sighs and extended eye rolls then you probably haven't heard of this 13-year-old #girlboss from Mexico, Dafne Almazán, who also happens to be the youngest licensed psychologist in the world.

When it comes to expertise on the human mind and behavior, how much knowledge could she have amassed after spending only a little over a decade on Earth? Well, seeing as how Dafne is a literal genius, her extraordinary capacity for learning goes well beyond our middle school struggles with basic algebra and grammar.

After graduating from Mexico's Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM), the teen told Univision that her brother, who is also gifted, experienced bullying in school, which ultimately inspired her to study psychology. She's hoping that her expertise will allow her to spark a better understanding of gifted children throughout her country.

"I know it's hard to reach and guide all gifted children in Mexico, but I'm optimistic that we'll eventually be able to do so," Daphne told the Global Post. "I always wanted to go to college, and I managed to achieve it too."

But Daphne isn't quite ready to welcome patients to her couch for counsel. She's too busy enjoying her time in the spotlight (like a normal teen) while preparing to pursue a Master's in education (hey — she's still a genius on a #BUILTBYGIRLS mission).

"I'm happy with the attention," she said. "This way I can show everyone that it's worth it doing your best. And I can do something about the prejudice that gifted children spend their time locked up in a library. We don't have to give up our youth just because we're gifted, you know."

Spoken like a true boss, Daphne!

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