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Is Burger King's Halloween Burger a Fashionista's Next Accessory?

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Grab a broom, put on Spooky Scary Skeletons and drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte because it is time for another Halloween post. After driving to three different Burger Kings, I finally found one that offered the spooktastic Halloween Burger. It was so worth the trip. This burger is the perfect way to get into the spooky, scary Halloween mood.

The mummy rapper alone gives the consumer that Halloween feel but in a totally adorable way. The wrapper is as cute, maybe even cuter, than the burger itself. The Halloween Burger is out of this world. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is flavorful. The bun has a smokey, peppery taste.

Let's be real though. The only reason I had to get it was because it matched my outfit and my Instagram theme. Being black means that this burger matches any wardrobe. It is a fashionista's dream, being able to match your outfit to your food. Talk about a very artsy, hipster Instagram picture! This burger is as photogenic as you are. So all you beautiful people of the Internet, go grab a Halloween Burger and take that selfie. #aestheticburger

The Halloween Burger is based off of the Japanese 'Kuro' burger. However, in Japan, the cheese is also black, not just the bun. The cheese not being black was the only disappointment. It is so sad that this take on the Whopper is only out for a limited time. I know when I go to Japan I am definitely trying their version.
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