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Writing is a form of art. You don't have to be a professional to write. If you're a student, you do it almost every day in school: assignments, homework, essays blah blah blah. But technically, that's not the writing we want to do. The writing from our imagination is the type of writing we want to do.

But everything just doesn't seem so easy.

Here are a few reasons:
  1. How do we start?
  2. Is our story really good enough to be written?
  3. After we wrote the entire story, who's going to read it?
Luckily, these problems are absolutely easy to solve.

1. Starting Point
We could start by studying how great authors write and express their stories. For instance, the famous author of The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, John Green, tends to add quite an amount of metaphors into his stories. Every author has his/her own interesting writing style. For you, you need to find your own style of writing that will intrigue your readers to read your story. It may not be easy at first, but slowly you'll get the hang of it.

Try writing during your free time. As they always say, "Practice Makes Perfect." Don't worry about being a little inexperienced. Just remember, everybody has his/her first time.

2. Write Your Story
You finally tried out some writing. Time to go for something more interesting: YOUR STORY. What makes a great book is the plot, the character development and the writing style. We already talked about the writing style above, so we'll just get to the plot.

A good plot is essential in a good story. You must know your settings like maybe a neighborhood, a futuristic city, etc. A good plot must always make sense. You can't just go like, "Me and Jason went to a park to go on a date. Then everyone turned into fire-breathing-monkey-power-pixie-fairy-princesses. We were the only survivors. We lived on nothing but weed." That's NOT how a good plot looks like. Your plot MUST make sense. Nobody survives on just weed.

Character development is also one of the important parts of writing. Every story has its protagonist. You must think of what the character looks like and what are their personality and interests. If you don't focus on what the character is like, you will most likely confuse your readers and might even lose some readers. To make sure you don't mess up your characters, you could keep a small journal to jot down your characters. For instance,

Name: Emily Parker
Age: 16
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing and Cycling.
Personality: Calm, Sweet and Friendly.

You could even write a small description for your character like, "Emily Parker is a average 16-year-old girl who recently moved to a small neighborhood in Minnesota. She's friendly, calm and sweet. She enjoys reading alone in her room next to a window and also likes drawing in a nearby park. She often cycles with her best friend."

This way, you can always keep track of your characters.

3. Getting Your Story Out There
Once you finally finished your story, you might have a little urge to let others read it. But where? How? There are some ways you can get people to read your stories.

You could always let your close friends take a look at your work. They are most likely to give you some constructive criticism. If you don't mind, you could always let your family members give you some Advice, too.

Besides that, you could also upload your stories on certain sites such as Wattpad, ArchiveOfOurOwn, and if you write fanfiction, you could always post them on Fanfiction.net. I personally recommend Wattpad because the community is extremely helpful, and you could get some advice from other writers. Even Tyler Oakley has one; I don't see why you shouldn't. All of these sites are absolutely free and able to help you.

And that's how you start your writing experience. Don't hesitate to try new genres of writing no matter if it's fanfiction of your favorite shows, a romantic love story, a spooky horror story or even a Sherlock-like mystery novel. There are no boundaries to your ideas and imagination. The only thing that's stopping you is yourself. Don't let yourself get in the way of your dreams.

I swear to you, if you're blocked by yourself, there's no way of getting better at anything.

that girl you probably don't know
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