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17 Thoughts While You're Fourth-wheeling

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We all have that one friend who's always insisting that you join her outings with her significant other. Regardless of how many times you tell her that you'd rather not crash their alone time, she's always quick to remind you that "It's not a date, but three great friends hanging out together." LOL, good one.

Being the "nice" friend that she is, she decides to invite her bae's friend to turn this triangle into a square squad - except you don't even know this person, so that was useless. Thinking maybe you'll have a good time or not knowing what's possessed you, you decide to tag along.

If you've been in this situation way too many times like myself, here are 17 thoughts that go through your head as you slowly become the fourth wheel.

1. Should I really go out with them? Maybe I should. I'm already caught up with every Shondaland show, so might as well get out to see some light.

2. This isn't going to be so bad! It's four buddies hanging out...right?

3. Of course, this sidewalk only fits the three of them. I'll just be back here guys, NBD.

4. I wonder if it's too late for me to go back home. Maybe I can just make a run for it, not like they'll notice anyway.

5. Maybe this is actually a double date? Ahh, I see what's going on here!

6. Wait, why are they all laughing? Can I know what's so funny? It's cool, I'll just laugh too and pretend I know what's going on.

7. Guess it's not a double date?

8. Can we at least take pictures so my followers on Insta can see I go out and have a life?

9. They're seriously asking me to take their pictures. Why can't we take a selfie so I can be in it too?! My arm extends really far I swear!

10. Well, at least we're about to eat now. I never feel neglected by food.

11. Uhhh, I'm pretty sure they forgot to include my plate in the picture of our foods. I'm officially non-existent.

12. Hey, maybe I'm on that show that pays people depending on how long they can last in these types of situations.

13. You can reveal the hidden cameras now! Or not..

14. Oh good, the bill is here. Let's call an Uber 'cause I am so ready to call it a night.

15. Someone wanna explain to me why I have to be the one to sit in front with the driver? I knew we should have asked for an UberXL.

16. On the bright side, the Uber driver seems to be the only one to notice me. Thanks for the candy, homie!

17. Wait, did I just hear my friend say we should do this again next weekend?
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