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A New Artist Rises: C-Twice

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Think Caribbean. Are you thinking of coconuts and palm trees? Are you sitting in a hammock drinking a fruity cocktail? Are your toes in the sand with the sun-kissed taste of salt water on your face? And what are you listening to?

The answer to the last question can range from many different songs, artists and genres. You might be listening to Bob Marley for a relaxing vibe or the tune of the famous "Kokomo" for a chance to sing along as you bite the pineapple out of your drink. The sounds of reggae, soca and dancehall, when we listen, can always help us visit the Caribbean and gain a feel of the culture, the sound and the people.
Woman with pina coladaA fresh new artist on the scene is helping us do just that. C-Twice, a Caribbean-American artist, was born and raised in the Caribbean until he moved to Florida and began using his musical talents to show others his culture. With new songs such as the singles "Fyah" and "White Rum" (produced by Capi), along with other songs to come, C-Twice is using his music to transfer us to the Caribbean.

I was able to catch up with this new artist, C Twice, after one of his local Florida shows and hear from him about what his real message in music was to his listeners.

"I want to use my music to help people get a feel of what my culture really is. Being from Trinidad, a lot of people don't always know where that is or much about it. Through my music, people can understand the culture, the vibes, the people and the constant love for each other, and love for a good vibe that makes up the culture of the Caribbean," he stated.

In addition to taking us to new places and helping us experience new culture, C-Twice's music is also intended for even deeper purpose and meaning.

"Good music invokes some time of emotion. Sometimes that emotion is joy, sadness, love, excitement; whatever the emotion is, it can be easily invoked by music," he said. "Music is more than a sound, it's a message and I want the message that my music sends to be a positive message that everyone can hear, while also giving listeners a chance to experience the Caribbean culture."

With the single "White Rum" now being played on the radio, C-Twice continues to grow as an artist with several hit performances in Florida, such as opening up for artists like Kid Ink as well as being featured on many sites geared toward artists like www.24hourhiphop.com and indiespeaks.com. So if you're looking for some good vibes or just to feel like you've taken a quick trip to a Caribbean isle, click here to hear C-Twice's new song "White Rum."

Like what you hear? Follow him on Instagram @therealctwice for more updates on upcoming shows and previews of upcoming songs!
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