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4 of the Best Bars Near Monmouth University

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The Jersey Shore has all kinds of neat places that are family friendly and good fun for everyone regardless of age. However, if you find that you are of a specific age that tends to be the most fun (hint, it's 21), and you find yourself exploring the beautiful area that surrounds Monmouth University, then I have some awesome spots to share for you and your #squad to check out.
First things first, a girl has got to get her wine fix, so if you find that you are the Queeno of Vino, then you should definitely check out The Wine Loft in Pier Village.
This place will feed your soul between its lounge vibe and extensive wine list. It is fantastic to visit any day of the week to kick back with your crew, order a bottle of wine and dine out on some apps, but the night you definitely don't want to miss is Tuesday. Why? Because bottles $50 and up are HALF OFF, so you can class up your wine choice without any guilt.

If you are feeling more of a hipster environment and want to ditch the wine for some brewskies, then check out Biergarten in Asbury Park.
Biergarten is a chill environment that offers 60 different kinds of beer to try from imported beer to local craft brews. Also, it has a delicious, giant pretzel that I would encourage anyone to try. Not much of a beer person but still want to check out the scene? Not a problem because you can order pretty much any of your favorite drinks, and their bartenders can make it for you. While you're there, check out the roof top bar! It has an amazing view and is just a cool spot to sit and sip on your drink. Depending on what you get, you can find this place to be a little pricey, but it is worth checking out.

Looking for more of a bar atmosphere? Then I would direct you to good ole Johnny Mac's.
It has an indoor and outdoor bar experience as well and gives you that authentic grungy bar feel. The cool thing about this place is that if you order a beer, you get a free personal pizza! If you're being mindful of your money but are in desperate need of a night out, this is your go-to.

Last but not least, if you want to "Shake Yo Tail Feather," then you need to go to Porta.
It is a delicious Italian restaurant during the day (scoop in early and try their amazing pizza; you won't regret it) and flips into a club at night. It has two different areas to dance that plays two different types of music to fulfill everyone's musical tastebuds and an outside spot to get some air after breaking a sweat. It has great drinks, and if you build up an appetite, you can order a personal pie up until 11 p.m., so you can fuel up and go back to getting giggy with it on the dance floor.
These are just a select few of the awesome places that the surrounding area of MU has to offer. Definitely check these spots out, but do not hesitate to stop in and visit any other bars that are in the area. However, we have no doubt that these places will meet your good time standards.

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