Britney Spears Has No Time for a Wardrobe Malfunction

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Britney Spears had a little wardrobe malfunction on stage during her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas on Friday night. Being the consummate professional she is, though, BritBrit brushed it off like it was no big deal. In fact, she kind of turned it into something sexy.

The pop star was werking it for all she had during "3" when her skin tight bodysuit just couldn't keep up anymore. No biggie. Brit just kept on dancing while he backup dancers tried to zip it back up behind her, but apparently it was more than just a quick zip because despite their best efforts, they couldn't do the repair on the fly.

Eventually, Britney got tired of waiting and proceeded to dance her a** off with her bodysuit torn all the way from her neck to her butt.

In fact, if you hadn't seen it before the "malfunction," it would have just been another sexy show outfit and nobody would have thought anything of it.

Silver lining: It did give the "Work B**ch" crooner a chance to show everyone the result of her hard work as she flaunted an insanely toned back through the hole where the would-be zipper was.

Britney rushed off stage as soon as the song was over, presumably to see what could be done about her outfit, but let's just say nobody was complaining!


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