Channing Tatum Rocked This Adorable Halloween Costume

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It's no joke that Channing Tatum cleans up well. We may be used to seeing this guy in a sexy fireman's outfit for his role in the Magic Mike franchise or looking sharp (if more covered up) in a suit on the red carpet, but one thing we never thought we'd see Channing wear is a bear costume. Channing fans were proved delightfully wrong with one amazing photo on Instagram, and it shows that this actor can make anything look good.

Channing posted a pic on Instagram of him wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume, which naturally made the world freak out. The Insta currently has over 342,000 views, because obviously no one can contain their excitement over this photo. According to Channing's caption, the photo was snapped at his daughter Everly's Halloween carnival, which means that, yes, the dad wore this out in public. I couldn't be more thrilled with that concept:
Major props to Channing for wearing aviators underneath this costume - not so authentic to Pooh, but hey, it definitely takes the look to a whole new level. I can only imagine what the teachers and parents at this Halloween carnival whispered to one another when they saw Channing roll up in this garb - I'm not sure I'd have the words to speak.

Can we take Channing's Halloween costume as further proof that this guy can pull off absolutely any look? Color me impressed, Channing.
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