This One Direction 'Perfect' and Taylor Swift 'Style' Mashup Is Brilliant

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It's definitely been disputed that One Direction's new song "Perfect" is so totally all about Taylor Swift. Given the chatter about how much "Perfect" sounds a lot like Tay's "Style," someone even created a mini mashup of the two tunes to prove just how similar they are.

Now someone's taken it one step further and created a full "Perfect" and "Style" mashup that is beyond brilliant. How amazing do these two songs fit together, honestly?

Tumblr user Emily Sachs explained how she decided on mashing the two together: "I'd seen a lot of people discussing how the song could be a response to some of the songs from 1989, and the line 'if you like midnight driving...' immediately made me think of 'midnight, you come and pick me up...' in 'Style.'"

She also noted how well the two songs work together, explaining: "I've made several mashups over the years so I decided to give those two a go. I was shocked by how well they ended up working together."

Well done, Emily.

Perfect x Style - @emilys1DAF from Emily Sachs on Vimeo.

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