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Stephenie Meyer Gender-bends 'Twilight'

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First things first: HAS IT ALREADY BEEN 10 YEARS SINCE THE FIRST TWILIGHT BOOK WAS RELEASED?!A clip from cluless where she says "OMG I'm totally Buggin'"OK, now that we're done with that minor meltdown, it's time to get pumped up because there is a new special edition of the first episode of the Twilight saga and this time around, the story is gender swapped.
Girl is shocked and is saying "what" That's right, Twihards. The classic love story that we all know and love just got a gender makeover, and it's even more bada** than it sounds. Just to give a little recap, Twilight is an alluring love story between Edward and Bella. It starts when plain Jane Bella Swan moves in with her dad in Forks, Wash. and has to start her high school career all over. Everything is dreary and boring until one day in the cafeteria, she is graced with the presence of the school's mysterious heartthrob, Edward Cullen. Instantly, she is enamored by his flawless beauty (if you can't tell, I'm #TeamEdward). The rest of the book tells the story of the two getting to know more about one another and falling more and more in love.

Captivating, right? Now take everything you know and everything you just learned and throw it out the window because...THERE IS NO MORE BELLA AND EDWARD!
Dr. Steve is having a melt down in front of fireIt's totally OK because the new Bella in this book is Beau, and he's an average dude who falls for the flawlessly beautiful Edward EDYTHE!

Why? In the forward of the book, author Stephanie Meyer explains that she gender-bended because she wants it to be known that the character of Bella is not a "damsel in distress" but a "human in distress." Stephenie did not like the idea of being totally consumed in love being a girl thing and proves it's not by making "she" a "he." She goes on to say:

"I've always maintained that it would have made no difference if the human were male and the vampire female-it's still the same story."

If that's not girl power, I don't know what is. You can mark me down as a diehard Twihard who supports and is excited to read the revamped love story.

Thank you Stephanie Meyer; you rock!

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