This Girl Just Totally Won Homecoming With Her Minion Dress

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Trying to decide on a homecoming dress is excruciatingly difficult. Do you go with something fun and save the serious stuff for prom? Or do you enter the new school year with a bang, showing everyone how much more awesome you became over the summer and wear something that is going to blow everyone's collective minds the second you step out on the dance floor? Maybe there's a middle-ground? But what if someone in the middle-ground zone is wearing the same dress as you?

Too many questions, not enough answers...

For high school junior Daisy Maddox, she didn't have time for all of that dress-choosing craziness. Instead, she promised that she would wear a Minion dress to homecoming if the tweet her friend posted with the pic of the dress got over 15,000 RTs.
Sure enough, it did, because...Minions! And Daisy was awesome enough to follow through on her promise.


"If I'm being completely honest, I was extremely nervous the day of homecoming," she told E! News after the dance. "However, my close friends all told me I was so brave for wearing the minion dress and said I would end up having a great time."

"Luckily, they were right," she continued. "The dance turned out to be amazing and everyone loved my outfit."

Daisy has now set the bar pretty high for herself when it comes time for prom. She's not even sweating it, though. She apparently already has some ideas that she's considering, but she's keeping them a secret. If she needs some cosplay prom inspo, we've got some awesome ideas!

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