5 Life-Changing Things I Learned at Beautycon NYC

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Beautycon NYC has come and gone, but those who attended the iconic beauty celebration are still itching with excitement - or at least I am. From the awesome free makeup swag, the epic music performances, to seeing my favorite beauty vloggers in one room, Beautycon proved to be a beauty gal's dream.

Of course when you talk about all things beauty, you can't forget about the beauty that lives within each and everyone of us. While most of the day was spent fawning over the perfect contour and praising the highlighter gods, Beautycon attendees and special guests took the time to discuss deeper topics. Besides learning what sponge to use, and discovering a bunch of new vloggers to add to my subscription list, here's some #priceless things I took away from Beautycon.

1. "No one can do you better than you." - Alba of SunKissAlba

BeautyConYou can try to imitate and be like your fave, but the truth is, only YOU can be YOU. Embrace your flaws and all. Out of all the people in the world, there is only one person that is uniquely you.

2. "Show ALL of who you are and be unapologetic about it." - Whitney of Naptural85

BeautyConDo not be afraid to be yourself. Let the quirky and less desirable traits about you shine. Who wants to spend their lives pretending to be something they're not? Not only will you waste a lot of time not living, but it's exhausting.

3. "I will be fabulous. You can throw what you want at me and it doesn't matter" - Frankie Grande

BeautyConHaters are gonna hate, but don't let their negativity dim your light. No matter what naysayers put out into the universe, you will remain fearless & fabulous.

4. "Focus on something you love. Make sure what you're doing you really love because that's what will get you through the hard times." - Angel Merino

BeautyConAngel Merino said it best. When haters hate and your'e not feeling your best and brightest, doing something you love will certainly get you through those trying times. Passion for life and work is extremely important.

5. "Social media is a highlight reel, logoff."- Whitney of Naptural85

BeautyConIt's so easy to compare yourself to others, especially because social media puts it all out there. The reality is most of us are only putting out what we want the world to see. If Instagram and Snapchat have the power to make you doubt where you are in life, it might be time to logoff.

If you want to see Beautycon NYC BTS, peep this video:
What It's Like to Attend BeautyCon NYC


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