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One Direction's 'Perfect' Dissected

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Congrats, the latest music video for the recent single from One Direction has finally hit our computer screens! "Perfect" debuted at around 6 p.m. my time. The lyrics sum up everything that they appear to fans. No sign of perfection, but the girl that sees past it all, is perfect. The fans are perfect. Let's stop with the mooshy romantic language and get right to what seems to be buzzing around the minds of directioners everywhere: Who is Perfect actually about? Haylor or Larry? With a wave of my magic wand, I shall present my analysis, and theory surrounding One Direction's newest single.

1. The Beginning Lyrics

I might never be your knight in shining armor,
I might never be the one you take home to mother.
And I might never be the one who brings you flowers,
But I can be the one tonight.

My theory (who doesn't have one?): The boys are showing their true characters, and I don't mean the ones portrayed in the media, or their management is attempting to promote. Those are falsehoods. They are not meant to be real to us, but to the minds of the management team and press, they are. In my theory, I will say that these are their true characters. They are breaking, and this is the break from the constant need of exploiting the fake image that burns in the back of our minds. They aren't perfect, but they are to us, and we are perfect to them.

2. Is This Larry or Haylor?

In my perfectly, most frank way possible, not going back to fabricate, not sugarcoating to tell you all what you all want to hear, truth: There is no reference of Larry. There is also no reference to Haylor, either. My apologies to all, but there simply is no exact way to say this is about Larry or Haylor. There isn't, truthfully. If you notice the fan in the middle, who is greeting the band, there is a hint at what this song could, and I mean could, mean.

3. My Full Analysis

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to analyzing, one needs to be able to watch, read or listen to something in order to pick up on a full analysis. This is not about Larry, Haylor, going out on the town with friends or even finding a first love. When Liam says, "When I first saw you, from across the room. I could tell than you were curious," it makes reference at their first appearance, in my opinion. Their first appearance in concert, on live television, anywhere, honestly.

This video is just the beginning of a fresh start; they are realizing how much they have seen and how many they have taken notice of. This is not some video about romance, but a video about how we became a family. There is no reference to anything other than the fans. The fans are who took notice, the fans are the ones who were drawn to the band with curiosity. The fans made it possible for these boys to succeed. This is my analysis; take it with a grain of salt. The video is just a reflection of their careers thus far and much more is to come.
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