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Open Letter in Response to Oregon's Community College Shooting

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Whenever a mass shooting happens in a public place such as a movie theater, a church, a mall, and even a few schools, the entire country feels shaken to its core. It's a somber moment for everyone as we realize that places we have thought of as safe or relaxing turn out not to be. We start looking over our shoulders at every turn and try to stay out of harm's way. We try and stop taking our loved ones for granted. We tell them we love them multiple times a day and try to stay close to them.

The problem with the media attention that mass shootings get is just that: the media attention. We talk about gun control and safety regulations, but that will not stop violence. Nearly two years ago at a high school where guns were banned, a student brought two knives to school and ended up stabbing 21 other students, a school resource officer and himself. What's strange here, though, is that people didn't respond by saying, "Ban knives! They kill people!" Everyone just offered condolences for the families of the victims and raised money to treat those injured.

The entirety of this letter isn't about "gun control" or being paranoid but more like being safe and not giving media attention to the shooters or the shootings themselves. When we publicize that there has been another mass shooting in the United States, I fear for the next shooting and the one after it and the one after that one. Each shooting in the United States is a copycat of another shooting. Most mass murders like the one witnessed in October first come from the line of publicizing these shootings and the shooters thinking that this will be the week that they get famous and finally get to have their name in lights.

So please, don't mention the shooter's name and pray for the victims (if that's your thing; if not, keep them in your thoughts). The next spree murder like this might happen in your own backyard or home town. I hope it doesn't, but I know it will.

Stop giving these murderers credit and let the victims grieve and heal in the comfort of their friends and family.
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