WTF? In Japan, You Can Now Get a Selfie With Your Vending Machine Soda

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But can you supersize it?

Japan, which is famous for having a crazy amount of vending machines that sell weird AF ish like used panties (not kidding!), now has machines that will crank out selfies with your beverage purchase (technically, they're just photo booth-style photos, but Kirin is marketing them as we'll just go with it).


We have Japan's huge beer and soft drink company Kirin Co. to thank for this gift. Basically, you make your drink purchase and the vending machine, outfitted with a camera and LCD screen, will snap your photos against different backdrops, reports CNET. Once you've nailed it - and you have three tries to get it right - the machine will send the photo to you via the Line app, a messaging app that's super popular in Japan.

Apparently, the screens can also be used for things like weather updates, traffic reports and emergency notifications - so it seems the new technology has some more practical uses as well. That said, some people can get pretty serious about their selfies!

For those of you who wish you could document your afternoon sugar rush, too, we hope the selfie vending machine makes its way across the globe soon! Until then, you'll just have to use your phone for that.


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