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Open Letter to Teens: Here's What's Next

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Dear teens,

Let me lay this gently: Don't grow up; it's a nightmare! First, they tell you to pick a university to attend, and then after school, you have to pay these things called "bills." I mean, being an adult is fine. I am kidding when I say to never grow up, because eventually we all have to. Here is what happens when you turn 20 like me.
First, you get too old for certain things. The swings are fun, but you will be judged for fighting over it when you're with your friends. This is the age when you are allowed to act young but should know when you have crossed the line on things that you know are not appropriate for individuals your age. You learn more about yourself, and you learn independence.

Independence is a scary route, but it's OK to ask questions - just not the ones you will already know the answers to. When you become independent, you learn more from the mistakes you allow yourself to make. I am not saying to go out and attempt to commit a crime; I mean smaller things like speeding tickets, handling money, setting your schedule for the week, and most importantly, hygiene. It's most important to look after yourself when it comes to hygiene. It's more noticeable as you get older.
The next thing is career and the opportunity to go further into the career of your choice. Grad school is my next step after I complete my bachelor's degree; however, this goal is achieved over time. It does not come right away, unless I have $1 million, then I could go right away. Along with careers, you get the freedom to choose where you settle down, but it is also important to keep your family in mind when attempting the big move.

What's weird is that your parents become your best friend. You know those times when you would get mad at them for not letting you go out, or that time you were wondering where to eat for dinner? Those still occur, but there are lessons that become more visible from all those arguments and lessons you refused to see growing up in those awkward and frustrating stages of your life.
When it comes to dating in your 20s, most men are no longer looking for hook-ups; they are looking for someone they can take home to their parents and make their mothers happy. Don't feel ashamed if the guy you are interested in is not interested in you; they are missing out on how much of an incredible person you are.

To the teenager with the small group of friends, I am like you. Coming out of high school, I stuck by my closest friends from high school, but once my sophomore year of college hit and I turned 20, a lot changed. I suppose it was a personality change. Some of the old friends faded, and I grew bored of them because they had no drive similar to my own. To the teenager with the small group of friends, your friendship circle will grow bigger, and you will make those connections you never knew you could get in this world.

To the teenager reading this, you will make it!

Sincerely yours,
A 20-year-old
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