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Something amazing has been going on at UP Entertainment in the past few months. No, it's not another reality series or a contest, but a new show that has been said to "put the family back in family drama." It's no secret that the UP original series Ties that Bind, created by Sheryl J. Anderson, has viewers all over the United States and Canada talking about the drama, excitement and love exhibited in the show. The show aired Aug. 12, 2015 at 9 p.m. ET and gained more than 1 million viewers at just the first episode.

Ties That Bind involves a police detective and mother of two, Allison McLean (portrayed by Kelli Williams) who, much to the pain of her own heart, was placed in a position where she was forced to arrest her brother, Tim Olson (portrayed by Luke Perry) for aggravated assault. The pilot episode begins at the hearing of Tim while Allison, along with her husband Matt (Jonathan Scarfe), her children, Rachel (Natasha Calis) and Jeff (Mitchell Kummen) and Tim's children, Mariah (Matreya Scarrwener) and Cameron (Rhys Matthew Bond) await Tim's sentence. When Tim is sentenced to two years in prison, Mariah's heart breaks and the deep pain in Cameron's heart is revealed.

With Tim's wife, Jackie (Meredith McGeachie) in rehab, Social Services is ready to take Cameron and Mariah and place them in foster care until one of their parents is able to care for them. However, Allison realizes that the best place for her niece and nephew at this time are right there in her home with her own husband and children, and despite her brother's protesting, decides to have the children live with her and her family instead. Along with all of this family crisis, Allison's job on the force and the challenges she faces in the field also play a crucial role in the show; making it a true crossover show of family drama and police investigation - sort of like Seventh Heaven meets Law & Order with its own unique creativity.

On Oct. 14, the 10th episode and season 1 finale aired, leaving us all at a cliffhanger. UP viewers can only wait in anticipation for another season of the show so that we can pick up where we left off, but the show is so much more than that. Viewers want to see a season 2, not just because of a cliffhanger but because so many of us love the action and also genuinely miss those real family television shows. After only 10 episodes, viewers can feel like they connect and relate to the characters. It is as though the McLean/Olson clan has welcomed us into their family, as mushy as it sounds, but of course, this is not without all of the emotions and investigations that come from being a part of this great group.

Before closing, one thing was brought to my attention recently that connects Ties that Bind with another one of our favorite TV shows. Ties that Bind is a MUST-SEE all on its own for so many reasons; however, even though the show is new, creator Sheryl J. Anderson is not. Ties that Bind creator has also created other shows, including a show that most people know and love for some of the same reasons that viewers cannot get enough of Ties that Bind. This show was similar to Ties that Bind in the sense that it placed a strong emphasis on family, the crisis and the love. Just like Ties that Bind, this show also had another side to the show, except this side was a little more magical.

Does a show of three sisters who love and protect their family while also fighting for the greater good ring a bell? You guessed it! Sheryl J. Anderson, creator of Ties that Bind was also the creator of the hit series Charmed! As a fan of both series, I can honestly hope that we are going to see more of Sheryl's creativity, along with all of the capturing actors that portray the characters we have grown to love in Ties That Bind.
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