This Little Girl's Funeral For Her Goldfish Will Absolutely Break Your Heart

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We are all for indulging kids and when we heard about an adorable video of a little girl's funeral for her goldfish, we immediately wanted to see it. Of course, we thought 'how interesting can a funeral for a goldfish be?' (no shade, goldfish), but we were absolutely shocked at how this vid totally tugged on our heartstrings.

At the beginning of the service (aka the flushing) the little girl is singing Fetty Wap's "679" for the deceased, Nemo. Clearly that was a song he loved, because why else would you sing Fetty Wap at a fish's funeral? How did she know he loved it? She just did, OK?
Anyway, after she tearfully makes her way through the song, whoever was doing the camera work dramatically panned to the fish laying in the toilet bowl and our hearts were literally shattered. For some reason, it would have been easier if we hadn't seen her dead friend, but now we know why she's crying. We're sad about him, too, and we just met him.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other fish in the sea pet store and hopefully she can find a new fishy BFF...when she's ready.

RIP Nemo.


(h/t E! Online)
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