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One look at Jeanine Amapola and the first word that comes to mind is "chic" (which I'm sure she would find hysterical, because it seems to be her boyfriend's favorite word). For her appearance at Beautycon NYC, Jeanine came decked in a sleek black skirt, crop top combo, dark hair done straight, and a nice berry lip for a pop of color. With all of her style, and yes, impeccable makeup skills, it's hard to believe Jeanine is your average college senior. By day, she is grappling with the exams and papers that come along with a film degree, but by night, she is a beauty tips crusader, catering to her half a million plus YouTube subscribers who crave her DIY wisdom.

That's why we've officially dubbed her, "Beauty Tips Superwoman." But like most of the YouTubers we met, Jeanine was fun, down to earth and a huge help with getting our fall looks on point. One of her best tips: How to look good in pictures, so you no longer have to avoid the flash in your next selfie.

"There are two things," she explained. "The first thing is you have to avoid SPF in your foundation. I heard it's no more than 15 SPF, but I try to completely avoid it. So instead of doing SPF in your foundation, I do SPF in my moisturizer. And then after that, you have to avoid powder with silicone in it, because silicone reflects the light and makes you have this white cast."
For picture-perfect foundations, Jeanine recommends Mary Kay's Mineral Powder Foundation ($20, Mary Kay), which doesn't have SPF. You can trust her ladies, just look at her Instagram!

As for what we should be rocking for fall, Jeanine had the low down. For her, it's always best to bring out those shimmery shades, and don't be afraid of a bold lip.
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"Usually the go-tos are the bronzy eyes and the dark the lips. The Naked 1 palette is always my go-to, honestly year-round," she explained. "For fall, it has dark, kind of taupey colors and shimmery colors. And for lipstick...MAC had has a lipstick called Living Legend, it's like a dark, gorgeous vampy color, that's a go-to for me."

The Naked 1 ($54, Sephora) palette has always been one of our favorites too, but this MAC lipstick ($17, MAC) in the shade Living Legend is one we're now dying to try!
When watching Jeanine's videos, there are few favorites that always seem to make it into her routine - no matter what the season. Her fave lipstick we just need to get our hands on? Velvet Teddy, a matte shade by MAC ($17, MAC).

"Honestly, I wear it to school, and I have so many girls come up to me and ask, 'What are you wearing?' I think it's a color that anyone can wear. It's great quality, it lasts all day, and I think it's a gorgeous color for every day," she said.

We are so sold, Jeanine.

If you haven't checked out Jeanine's channel already, it's filled with more than just beauty tutorials. Jeanine is also great for DIY room decorating, fashion ideas and back-to-school how-tos. One of our personal favorite vids is when Jeanine allowed her boyfriend to do her makeup.
Let's just say the results were...interesting. But regardless, Jeanine is totally queen with versatile makeup looks, so be sure to take a look at her channel! And, if you want more Jeanine, check out our BTS interview with her below:
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