Nailsnaps, the App that Turns Your Photos into Nail Art, Is Now a Thing

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We are huge fans of growing trends in nail art, but when we heard that there was an app that could take our selfies and Instas and put them on our fingers, we became obsessed. Case in point: Nailsnaps. It had us hooked back when it was a Kickstarter, but now it's a full-fledged app that we can't stop using.
How does it work?
Like most apps, you can get Nailsnaps from your Apple app store for free. Once you download it, it's time to create an account and start snapping! Nailsnaps gives you the option to sign up on your own or connect with your Facebook or Instagram to start your account, but regardless of which you decide to choose, Nailsnaps can access pictures from both. #Easy

To create your own custom nail art, Nailsnaps gives you the option of choosing pictures from your social media accounts or the photo library on your phone. Once the picture is chosen, you drag a hand across the screen until all five nails are fitted to cover different parts of the picture. You can rotate or resize the hand to fit the images the way you like. Each nail has a dotted line, and be mindful that your favorite parts of the image do not go past that dotted line because it may get cut off during printing. When you're done, you hit 'Next,' and the app then gives you the option to buy your design or save it for later. Each design gives you 20 different nail stickers for $19. Did we mention shipping is free?

I created this one from a picture I took of the Vatican Museum ceiling while in Rome. (I like old fashioned art).
Nailsnaps, nail artWhen you get your Nailsnaps (usually within seven business days), each nail will be labeled to show which finger it should be applied to. Your two different sets will come as either regular or petite to cater to your nail size. To apply, just put it on like a sticker and file off the excess.

But, if you're not as artsy of a photographer as you'd like, no fear! Nailsnaps allows you to look at other members' designs and like or share them on the social media platform of your choosing. You can also buy their design if you like it best!

Happy snapping, ladies!


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