Niki and Gabi Reveal How to 'Get the Look' and What's Trendy for Fall

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When they came down the stairs from the talent room onto the red carpet (which was appropriately pink for Beautycon) Niki and Gabi made an entrance. Young girls screamed as the two waved and spoke to their huge fan base (over 2 million YouTube subscribers), and took to the pink carpet looking positively glamorous. #Goals, for sure.

But when Cambio finally got to speak with them, we found out that Niki and Gabi are just as sweet, funny and outgoing as they are in their videos. Oh and yes, their makeup is ridiculously gorgeous. Luckily, we were able to get the inside scoop on how they do what they do best (make the most entertaining videos, and easy-to-replicate makeup looks) along with their go-to styles for fall.

One of our favorite videos Niki and Gabi always do so well are their "Get the Look" tutorials, in which they teach you how to achieve the makeup, hair and fashion of your favorite celebrities or characters in easy and affordable ways. How do they channel our favorite celebrities so well?

"I am really good at just looking at detail and just studying the detail, and I'm really good at picking up specifics," Gabi explained. "Like Ariana Grande, I don't look like her naturally, but I love the makeup she does, so I do the makeup. And the reason I can do that, not because I'm creepy or anything [laughs] is because I can pick up on detail, ever since I was little."
When watching their tutorial on Ariana Grande's "Break Free" video look, it's not hard to notice that attention to detail. But if you have a difficult time picking up on small makeup nuances, like which color to blend with, or where to apply your highlighter to look just like Kylie Jenner, fear not, Niki and Gabi have you covered! They have a "Get the Look" video for almost every celebrity worth imitating. One of our favorites? When the two did Anna and Elsa perfectly, giving us some serious ideas for this Halloween.
On top of helping us "Get the Look," Niki and Gabi also had some amazing advice on beauty tips for fall:

"I use a lot of dark lips and dark eyes, but not together," Niki said. "If I'm doing a dark eye, I'll go for a more maroon all over the lid, like smokey eye, into a warm brown. And then I bring it on underneath and I wear a nude lip. But if I wear a bold lip, I do a nude eye."

Similarly, Gabi said that for fall, it was all about the browns. "The lip liner I'm wearing right now is Spice, and I put it all over my lips. It's from MAC. Anything warm, and coffee colored," she said.

Oh, we are definitely trying the lip liner trick, Gabi. And our first stop will be to get the Spice liner ($16.50, Nordstrom) that looked so great with your cat-eye!
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How did they get involved with making videos? Turns out Niki and Gabi have been making videos together long before their days on YouTube, and it's the silly videos they love making the most.

"We started making videos before YouTube was even a thing on our little MacBooks when they were white and plastic back in 2008, and we would carry the webcam around our house and just make music videos," Niki said.

"Remakes and parodies and covers," Gabi added.

"Yeah and it started from there, and then we started putting them on YouTube, and we made our beauty channel from that, and now we're going back to what we originally did, which is being funny and ourselves and doing what we like," Niki said.

And if you go through their channel, you won't just find beauty tutorials; it's filled with DIYs, life hacks, Halloween costume ideas, music videos and silly sketches sure to brighten your day. We could binge watch them for hours.

Definitely check them out if you haven't already, because we here at Cambio are pretty much Niki and Gabi loyalists.
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