This Is What Happens When You Give Disney Characters Insta

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Let's face it: Selfies have completely taken over. From the epic one Ellen DeGeneres famously orchestrated at the 2014 Oscars to the ever-present selfie stick, this trend is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. So if everyone's taking selfies, Disney characters would be, too...if they were around IRL like we often hope they'd be.

Italian artist Simona Bonafini brought that to life in this totes hilar photo series showcasing Disney characters on Instagram. From bikini shots (Ariel, duh) to #shoes (take one wild guess!), check out our fave selfies from our beloved animated characters.

Selfies, selfies everywhere!

1. Snow White for the photobomb win!

Oops. Looks like the Magic Mirror on the Wall has eyes set on Snow the background. This is a selfie moment that did NOT go according to plan. Snow White IS the fairest of them all, sweetie. #SorryNotSorry
2. Tea party time! But first, let me take a selfie...
What better place to take a selfie than with friends at a party, AMIRITE? Clearly, the Mad Hatter lurves his signature accessory. Hey, guys! Send us an invite next time.
3. Belle's book of the month
Ofc Belle's a Game of Thrones fan...but...GAH...we don't have the heart to tell her.
4. Ariel's #BikiniOfTheDay

Dang, gurl! With a body like that, who wouldn't take a bikini selfie? We bet Prince Eric double tapped this one. Listen to Sebastian, Ariel! It is better under the sea. #BeachLife
5. Aladdin and Jasmine forever
Aw! Aladdin and Jasmine = our OTP. They were made for each other, so why not share adorbs PDA moments on Insta? Abu thinks it's cute, but Genie is not here for it.
6. Cinderella's Instaworthy shoes
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is always looking out for baby girl, but it looks like Cinderella's sisters are still salty about not getting some love. With that attitude tho?
7. Silly selfie at the Darlings!
Wendy, John and Michael will def be forever young. And speaking of forever young, Peter Pan's photobomb totally fits that youthful vibe. Can't this be a real thing?
8. Quasy's #ThirdWheelProblems

Poor, Quasimodo! Looks like Esmerelda and Phoebus have friendzoned him, and Frollo is so quick to call it out. So rude! Props to Hugo for having Quasy's back.
9. Gatson's thirst trap

Typical. Ofc Gatson would be one of those dudes who posts selfies of his bod to try to get the ladies. Fangirls are eating it up, but Belle is soooo better than that.
10. Rapunzel's new haircut

OMG. Rapunzel chopped off her long hair! She still looks completely gorg tho! Not everyone is loving it *ahem, Gothel, ahem, hater* And we see that Flynn is still in love with himself.
11. Sisters before misters - Frozen-style!
No Disney Princess list is complete without the Frozen ladies! Elsa has the duck face down, while her li'l sis Anna just wants to be silly. And Kristoff is trolling. Obviously.

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