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No, I'm not kidding. Actor B.J. Novak has launched an app for making lists, called The List App. Aside of having a famous group of users, the app prides itself on having a random feed of fulfilling content, like your mom and dad's all-time favorite contestants on Dancing With The Stars and your brother's favorite Star Wars movies (excluding Episodes 1-3, obviously, because WHY, Hayden Christensen? WHY?).

When I first heard about this app, I have to be honest and say that I did a big eye-roll. An app for lists? Why not just cast Hayden Christensen as a Vadar hologram in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? OK, OK ... I'm done with the Star Wars jokes.

Then I downloaded the app, and I was greeted by lists titled, "Things I Say To My Cat When No One Else Is Around," and, "Actors That Are Most Likely To Make Me See A Movie." They were hilarious, fulfilling, and a more entertaining read than the last listicle I read on Buzzfeed.

Reviewers of the app agree, with one stating:

"Had no idea an app for lists could be so all-consuming. The information and lists from the publications like the New York Times, EW, NPR, The New Yorker, Vulture, etc. would be enough to replace Twitter with this app. But the lists from Bourdain, Fallon, Gaffigan, Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Andy Cohen, take it to another level. And then I can share my friends lists about everything. This destroys Twitter. And you can post multiple photos in a list. The design is intuitive and so smart. It's like the best elements of Pandora for all types of information. Excited to see how it evolves! Great, great app."

The reviewer makes a great point, stating how credible news sources have taken to the app. One screenshot even shows actual news from NPR, not just a list of Mindy Kaling's actor crushes (which was hilarious, by the way.)

This quick, easy, break down of global news for the week is more likely to get me to a) proactively look at what's going on in global news, and b) become more informed on things outside of what's happening next week on Pretty Little Liars.

From an entertainment perspective, The List App poses the opportunity for comedians to use as another outlet for their comedy. Instagram has coined the term "Instafamous" for comedians like The Fat Jewish and F*ck Jerry, who each have over six million followers. The List App could pilot careers for future comedians - just read how hilarious the "Things I Say To My Cat When No One Else Is Around" list is.

The List App's Twitter tweets a diverse "list" of lists every day, and you can browse different types of lists via the app, too. It kind of reminds me of The Skimm - witty and concise news and entertainment that takes less than five minutes to read in the morning, and you come out of it knowing a little be more about what's going on in the world and in entertainment.

The only downside? It's only available for iPhones right now, but we're sure a Droid app is on its way. On the iPhone app, 350 characters are allowed for an intro to your list, as well as for each item on your list - there's a limit of 99 items per list, though. You can also add photos and locations to your descriptions.

Download the app and tweet me your favorite lists @lizprugh.


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