This Woman Used Facebook to Connect With Her Birth Family!

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It's no secret how magical social media is in our everyday lives.

We use it to post photos, stay updated with the news, and (more times than not) stalk our crushes.

However, what if we told you that it was capable of even MORE than, say, reconnecting someone to her birth parents?

Anne Lofland is a woman who, years ago, was adopted through what's called a "sealed adoption," meaning that the detailed information about her birth family was not made known to her. And while she's loved the family she grew up with, a part of her always wanted to know about her roots and the people who she was related to...

As she told WFLA, Anne was contacted one day while she was in a grocery store. A man claiming to be her cousin sent her an email after the two of them "matched" on a genetic/ancestry website called 23andMe.
Through him, she learned more about her biological father, mother and cousins, get this: they began friending her on Facebook! And her mother, who is just 15 years older than Anne, recently gave her a phone call.

After viewing countless Facebook photos and messaging back-and-forth with family members she's never known, Anne was able to learn more than she ever thought she would about her other family.

Talk about fate.


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