Was Beyonce Rude For Telling Her Assistant to "Stop It"?

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Surprise, surprise —Beyonce did something pretty standard (as A-list celeb behavior goes), yet quite a few people are buzzing over a seemingly simple gesture. While posing on the black carpet at the TIDAL X music event on Tues., Oct. 20, Bey was observed telling her assistant to stop adjusting the singer's fabulous gown, presumably so she could ensure that her pics continue to live up to the drop dead gorgeous standards she's already established for herself.

In a brief video clip that was shared on Instagram, the "Drunk in Love" singer can be seen uttering the words "Stop it," to her personal assistant Sam Greenberg. Apparently, the delivery of Bey's two-word command didn't sit well with some of her followers. While she may have been feelin' herself (the high ponytail and the plunging neckline were on fleek), some of her Instagram followers weren't exactly feeling her so-called "mean" behavior.

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OK, so all this talk about Beyonce being mean or b**chy for subtly telling her assistant to step aside feels a little bit unwarranted. She shouldn't be nominated for world's worst boss just yet. Honestly, it felt more like the same reaction someone would have to their mom tucking in their bra strap in public. Compared to what some other celeb assistants endure, "stop it" probably isn't the worst thing Bey could've said to her assistant (who was doing her job really well, TBH). Besides, those two words could possibly hold so much more meaning than what this short clip reveals.

For example, here's what Bey could've meant:

"Stop it — I'm already fabulous enough."
"Stop it! People will finally figure out that I don't wake up like this."
"Stop it — perfection is the disease of a nation."
"Stop it, I'm flawless."
"Stop it. You've worked hard enough and totally deserve to take a break."
"Stop it, they're photographing me and the back of your body clashes with my dress."

See, when we put it that way, it makes Bey's request sound much more reasonable, no?

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