Calling All Lazy Girls: These Sheets Don't Ever Have to Be Washed

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Your mom will be happy AF when you don't bring them home for her to wash. Yes, we know you do it.

Beantown Bedding has created a disposable line of sheets that are compostable and biodegradable. At $30 for a set of twin-size sheets, they are pretty reasonably priced, too.
Benton Bedding
So they're cheap and seemingly environmentally friendly...they sound pretty much perfect, right?

Well, Beantown Bedding is getting a lot of flack for calling the sheets "eco-friendly" for a few reasons. The sheets are made from eucalyptus-based Tencel, and apparently it takes a MASSIVE amount of water to process it - like over 600 gallons of water to make one full size set of sheets, reports Fast Company. Even a crappy washing machine doesn't use more than 40 gallons per load. And then to just toss 'em when you're done? Not exactly conservative.

But, Beantown Bedding's co-founders Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple (#BUILTBYGIRLS!) created the sheets specifically for their college kids, who were waiting wayyyyy too long to wash their sheets, which is nasty AF (and also a struggle we can kind of understand). So we get it.


Sadly, Beantown Bedding's "luxury disposable sheets" probably aren't going to save the world, but if you are making your mom wash your sheets every month, they might just save her a headache. That alone might be worth it!


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