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Does Science View Women as the Weaker Sex?

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Do men, or people in general, think females are weak? After reading this Pacific Standard article, that is the vibe I'm getting. It states that when men are angry, they "gain status." I assume the writer means men gain power within their workplaces, while women's tendencies seem to "get out of control" when we are angry? You know, right now writing this, I feel some type of anger, because of the stereotypes that are in place.

Just because women choose to be the bigger person in different situations such as in the workplace, at school and at a bar with friends, does not mean that we are "playing nice." We are literally just being the bigger person. That's that. Being the bigger person is what an adult should d,o especially when trying to get work done and if "playing nice" means being the bigger person, well then, at the end of the day, women are always winning. But let's be real; when are we not winning?

With the journalist writes about women's anger getting "out of control," I'm speechless. I know many women who stand up for what they believe in and think is right. Do men take that as anger and being "out of control"? If you're passionate about something, you're going to express your feelings toward everyone who has an argument. If that is being "out of control," I could name a few situations when men are more out of control than women, such as sports. Any sport men are passionate about, if their favorite team loses, the out of control behavior begins. (I used this reference because I'm from Philadelphia, and Philadelphia sports fans are one of the most hated sports fans because of altercations that take place between our home teams and opposing team's fans.)

At the end of the day, there are always at least two sides to every person; just because women choose to be the bigger person (aka "play nice") does not affect how we get our work done. We get our work done, and that's that. We are independent women who do not need to rely on anyone for anything. We work for what we have, and we are proud of how we work. There does not need to be a scientific study stating "Women Get More Done When We Play Nice." We get work done regardless.

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