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The New iPhone Software Update Gave Us an Adorable Surprise

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Apple recently just dropped a new software update and, rather than being reluctant to the change, users are actually excited to download and install IOS 9.1. When reading up on the new update to understand the technical changes, like we all do... Bill Hader is going from laughing to a concerned face ...and you get past all the unimportant information about bug fixes and privacy settings, you'll see the reason why everyone is geeking out is because THERE ARE OVER 150 NEW EMOJIS!!Britney is dancing happy Yes, the tech goddesses have given us what we have been asking for, which is more pictures to eliminate words to express what we're feeling via text. For example, once the holidays get closer, instead of texting someone "Happy Thanksgiving," hit them with this turkey emoji:

The new Turkey EmojiOr if you want to tell your #bae that you're feeling some Chipotle, send them this new burrito emoji:
The new burrito emojiAnd how excited are you to tell your frenemy how you really feel about them with this most anticipated emoji?
blurred out middle finger emojiThese are all fun and extremely resourceful, but the emoji that will completely melt peoples' hearts and is, without a doubt, going to be one of the all time favorites, in my opinion, is this little guy:
the new nerd face emojiHe is labeled as the Nerd Face, but he is, by far, one of the coolest ones of the bunch. The combination of the glasses and the bucked teeth that stick out of his innocent smile is one that will, for sure, make him one of the top emojis in your ​Frequently Used. Whichever one has you psyched, we can all agree that the new additions to the emoji family was absolutely necessary and we are loving every aspect of it!
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