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Just Another Demi Lovato Appreciation Post

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As a fan of Demi Lovato since 2008, I saw her open for the Jonas Brothers during the Burnin' Up Tour, and I became obsessed with her. The song that stuck with me was "Don't Forget," which also is the name her first album. Since every album she's put out, I've sat up waiting until midnight, then listened to the whole thing, went to sleep, and it continued to be the album I've listened to on repeat for months.

Demi's music connects with fans in ways some artists' music does not, which really shows a lot. I'm 23;
Demi is also 23. I grew up with her music, almost each song having a connection to me in some way; it is almost scary. I tend to have binge-listening sessions of all of her albums at once, singing at the top of my lungs, but also shedding tears and that shows something. The work Demi does by simply writing a song and having her music out for the public to hear changes with people's lives.
2015 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsI'm not afraid to admit, a few years ago I hit what felt like rock bottom. Issues with myself, school and family sent me into a downward spiral. I was depressed. Demi was one of a few artists I listened to daily to help me get through the day. I got through those days, which I am so happy and thankful for, because Unbroken came out soon after life was starting to get better for me. The night before Unbroken came out, it was probably around 11:30 p.m.; iTunes released it a little early since I had it preordered (bless their hearts because I was tired). Despite being tired, I stayed awake listening to the album on repeat, writing in my journal at the same time. The powerful songs that came from that album will always stay with me, some strengthening, some saddening, but all relatable.

Being a fan since 2008, I've obviously wanted to meet her. I've imagined meeting her, just sitting and talking with her, thanking her for being herself and writing the music she writes, and how it relates to me and a million others across the world. I have imagined sitting down and telling her my story. Even though it would be difficult, I'd have tears of excitement, happiness and sadness all at once. This has and will continue to be a goal of mine - to meet Demi one day - and I'm hopeful.
unite4:good Chalk Wall Presented By Xezo Watches And Lolly ClothingIt's rare that you find an artist who hits every single issue you're going through or have gone through; Demi is that artist for me. I was trying to write this post while listening to her new album Confident (which is everything; get it on iTunes). But I couldn't focus with the music in my ears because I was too busy singing along, and then when I went to type, I'd type the lyrics that were being sung. Yes, it's that extreme. I listened up until "Stone Cold" but had to stop because I pretend I can hit those high notes when I sing along, so after this is posted, you better believe I'm going back to my lip syncing.

This is just an appreciation post for Demi, because who doesn't love her? I can guarantee there is at least one song on each of her albums you can relate to, and from there, you'll just be drawn in. My dream of meeting Demi may be a little extreme, because there are millions of people who would like to meet her, but like I've said. I'm hopeful. It doesn't have to be tomorrow, or this year, but one day. From there, again, if I could say one thing to Demi, it would just be "Thank you." Thank you in so many forms of the word that I could keep writing, but I'll leave it at that because if I keep going, this could turn into a novel.
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