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Keep Your Imagination Alive, Our Culture Depends on It

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Who remembers playing pretend? You know what I'm talking about, when you were little and you used to get out your tea set, grab your siblings or stuffed animals, and play tea party like no one's business. Or if you were a tomboy, you'd play that game were you set up the living room with toys and chairs, so you could jump over the shark-infested water that was your carpet or living room floor.

Wasn't that just adorbs? But what happened to all that?

I was babysitting a little boy a couple days ago, and after we finished volunteering at my church, he was back on his tablet. Yes, I know before I can point my fingers at this innocent little boy, I'll point a guilty hand at me. If I get stumped on a question, I "OK Google" my problems away, even if it's a opinion question!
I just feel the need to know what everyone else's opinion is. *shrugs in guilt* It's almost like we can't deal without mobile thinking boxes. They're controlling our minds!

Since there are no studies on imagination, l looked up the definition because even though we, as youth, hate definitions, they can be pretty darn useful when they wanna be.

Let's break it down!

The definition of creativity is "the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work," so if I'm reading you correctly, (and I am) creativity needs imagination to be formed? Wow. Who knew?

Therefore, I can draw the conclusion that without imagination, we won't be able to carry on jobs in the arts. What would happen to our readers, writers, singers, songwriters, singer-songwriters and artists? Would they go extinct if we didn't have imagination? I understand that creativity is practically a stream that may never hypothetically run dry, but if we don't imagine, could it?

All in all, don't be scared to put that creativity to work! Pick up that pen or brush and be the next Maya Angelou or the next Picasso. Despite what society says, it's OK to let that imagination run free.
Imagination stems creativity, and she births art - unless we want to live in a place without music, books, Cambio or Wattpad!
Jeez, I'm getting faint thinking bout this. Don't be afraid to express your self through art. After all, we would hate to end up with a mythical imagination, wouldn't we?

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