Love Ranch Owner Threatens to Sue Khloe Kardashian for Lamar Odom's Bill

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Khloe Kardashian has been by Lamar Odom's side since he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on October 13. As it turned out, although the couple had signed off on their final divorce papers already, a judge was still 2-4 months away from signing them and making it official due to a backlog in the family courts. That meant that Khloe was still legally Lamar's wife and was able to make critical medical decisions for him while he lay in a coma.

The couple ended up withdrawing their divorce request and are now going to stay husband and wife, at least for the time being. That being the case, Khloe is obviously still Lamar's wife, which apparently means she can be held responsible for the $75,000 debt he incurred during his three-day bender at the brothel. And Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof isn't afraid to take legal action against Khloe if the bill remains unpaid.
Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian-Odom pos
Apparently, Dennis is getting some questions from Lamar's accounting firm over the jaw-dropping tab, but he stands by the charges and he's willing to fight to get it."They're requesting the credit card slips and asking, 'Did he sign them?' I sent them his driver's license, the slips, some other stuff," he told The Daily News. "I have no problem filing against her or him. Khloe, she's the wife. They're responsible for their debts. Why are they calling me? They need to do the right thing and pay."

In a separate interview with RadarOnline, Dennis reiterated his conviction, saying, "If I don't get paid for the entire bill, I'll sue Khloe, I know she has the money. We have Lamar on tape signing the credit card statement - we have a copy of his driver's license."

Hopefully they're able to get it all straightened out.
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