This Vitamin-Infused Vodka's Creators Claim It Prevents Hangovers

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Have you ever woken up and regretted everything you drank the night before?

For the nights you have zero chill, The Vitamin Alcohol Company claims it has the cure -- Vitamin Vodka (yes, real vodka), which supposedly knocks out those tragic hangovers no one likes to deal with. According to Vice, it was created in Australia by Darryl Tombleson of the Vitamin Alcohol Company and "purports itself to be infused with anti-hangover vitamins."

And it takes a lot to whip it up. The vodka is also organic, made from Australian sugarcane and "the pure mountain waters of the Hunter Valley," is "diamond-filtered" and distilled 12 times in copper pots. It is "the world's first and only vitamin-infused organic vodka in the Central European premium spirits market."

As for the vitamins in it, it has B, C and K, Bradley Mitton, The Vitamin Alcohol Company's European business manager told the mag. "The B and C vitamins assist with hydration, as it's primarily dehydration that creates a hangover. You consume the equivalent of one multivitamin in every four shots."

There's only one (huge) catch with the Vitamin Vodka, doesn't come cheap. To even try to cure your hangover with it, you'll have to travel to central Europe, since that's the only area it's available, and pay over $1600 for a bottle when you get there, according to People.

Anyone else sticking to headache medicine, sleep and water for now?


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