Who Is the Girl in the One Direction 'Perfect' Video?

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If you're like us, when you watched One Direction's "Perfect" music video, you wondered who the lucky girl was who got to hang out with them (and be in the video, OMG!).

Is she part of the 1D entourage, a lucky fan, an actress, or a real reporter...WHO is this mystery woman?

Turns out, that's Dana Matthews, who works as Senior Editor for GQ magazine and is the former Teen Vogue Entertainment Director.

Since Teen Vogue has some history with Dana, they got the inside scoop on this once-in-a-lifetime moment to make a cameo in a One Direction video.

Her involvement is pretty cool, as she described her ongoing relationship with One Direction and Columbia records as "big" and that she's "loved working with them" in the past. Dana noted that their publicist "is a good friend of mine and asked me to be in the video as someone in the journalism world they trust and know well."
one direction perfect interviewer video
Imagine having that inside connection? Amazing.

She also admitted that she was "in shock" when she got the call to be in the video.

Dana also explained filming the scene she's in, saying that since they shot the guys giving her a hug several times, "I got lots of hugs." Not a bad gig to have at all.

At that table, Dana got to talk with the guys and she explained, "They were telling me all these fun stories about tour. I was laughing so hard. I can't believe they included the part where Harry covered my eyes - that was definitely not planned."
one direction woman perfect video gif
For more behind-the-scenes intel from Dana's experience, check out her interview with Teen Vogue.
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