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Emblem3 Is Back Together

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If you are a fan of The X Factor, you probably remember the Season 2 group Emblem3. I was a massive fan and even saw them in concert a few times. They had a very poppy album, and their single "Chloe" got a good amount of radio play. However, the group split when Drew Chadwick left. It was clear that they were not making the music they really wanted to. The group had songs like "Curious" that were lyrically intense prior to releasing the debut album Nothing to Lose.

After Drew left, Keaton and Wesley Stromberg both continued the group for one tour and an EP. Although the EP was great, it was clear it was not the same without Drew. Keaton and Wesley eventually stopped posting music together as well. Keaton posted songs from his own band, while Wesley started making music with Kenny Holland in a band called The Balcony. It seemed that Emblem3 was truly over. I was pretty distraught.
Now, over a year after Drew leaving, the group has officially confirmed that they are back together. Emblem3 posted a video of their cover of "Hello" by Adele today on their YouTube channel. They also tweeted a link to their website earlier in the week, telling fans about an announcement November 3.

They have been hinting at this reunion for the past few weeks with Drew, Wesley and Keaton all posting pictures together, but this is the official confirmation. I, for one, am so excited to see them make music again. I just hope they don't break up again like last time.

Welcome back Emblem3.
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